Website Questionnaire

Company Information

Domain name:
Describe your company in 1-2 sentences:
List each service and/or all products you offer:
How long have you been in business?
How many employees do you have?
Describe your target market:
Where is your target market located? 
List any competitors you may have and their website address:
Why do people buy from you instead of your competition? (unique value, price, your team, experience, etc.)

Website Goals

What is the primary goal of your site? (share info, leads, sales, etc.)
What is the secondary goal of your site? (share info, leads, sales, etc.)
Describe any other goals:
What actions would you like a user to take when they visit your site (please list in order of importance)?
  • For example:
    • Call you
    • Fill out a contact form
    • Fill out a quote form
    • Sign up for your mailing list
    • Search for information
    • Purchase a product(s)
Will your new website sell products and accept payments? (If yes, please describe)
Will your visitors have an option to login? (If yes, please describe)
Are there any additional features or capabilities that you would like for your new site to have?
What elements of your existing site do you like, and what do you not like?

Business Info

Project Budget
0 10000
Website Maintenance Needs
I will maintain the website myself.
I would like to pay for maintenance.